Today's Comic- April 16, 2003
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Allllllllllllllllllllllll mine
GOM's Clever Banter
4/16/03 - Atkins: The diet with MEAT!

That's right, I'm dieting. Oh, it's not that I feel that I look like anything LESS than perfection. It's just that one should never NOT attempt to improve upon perfection. Cuz, like, then you get a BETTER perfection that's even MORE perfect.


Shut up! I am NOT "compensating"!

4/7/03 - There's a new boss in town, baby!

That's RIGHT! I saw no one did JACK here for THREE months, so I TOOK it! It's MINE! MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!! Mwahahahahaha! That's right, jerks! After all this time serving as a stupid mascot, I'M the man in control! Hey, you see the date up there? It says April 7TH! This is no April Fool's joke! Until Tim and Jake get off their arses, this'll be the Gom network, baby- All Gom, all the time!

And being that there's no readership anymore, I can do and say whatever I want! Fuck! You see that! I said "Fuck" and no one stopped me! I'm outta' control, baby! Yeah! Yeah.... Okay, I think I'll go lay down now.

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