Rec. Art (B/W)
Last updated 7/31/02
Tim and I (OK, mostly Tim) might feel like having a little fun from time to time, and will doodle out the characters just for the heck of it. Uhm... and here's the result.

Rec. Art (Color)
Last updated 7/24/02
And when possible, we take good peices of art and spruce 'em up in full color here!

Brainstorming Sketches
Last updated 7/18/01
Tim and I (OK, mostly Tim) have gone through a lot of changes and revisions deciding what the characters would look like. Here, you can see what Tim came up with before we finalized the characters.

Pre-production Sketches
Last updated 7/4/01
Well, there are a lot of steps involved in making one of these things, and sometimes Tim and I (OK, mostly Tim) need to make revisions. In any case, here's that stuff.

Gift Art
Last updated 12/27/02
OK, this is where you'll have to help us. We're just DYING to get your renditions of our characters, and this is where they'll go. C'mon, help us out, man!

Guest Strips
Last updated 3/6/02
Yup, you can send me strips, too. And... uhh... here's where they'll go.

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