Alright, then. First things first, I just know you wanna' link to us, so I've made some keen images to link to us with. You can see them by clicking one of the following links. we finally have somer nice small button-sized ones (Top), to go with our keen little ones (Bottom- follow the links), thanks to miss Yahiko (Thanks, Yahiko!).
As with the banners, the first two are animated (Poorly), the latter two aren't. And... uhh... if you don't know how to make a link, ask someone else because I'm too lazy to explain it. Anyways, here they are:

Mmmmmmm... Mammaries!
It's always easiest to take on someone who doesn't exist anymore
And high in protein, too!
Now with (simulated) talking!

Thanks to Yahiko of Zodiac Brave -

Other Webcomics
Yeah, yeah, the competition. I know. Still, though, these ones are pretty good, and you'd do well to check 'em out:

Sluggy Freelance
At it's best, it was IMHO the best webcomic out there. Period. Today, it's still pretty damn good. Check it out.

The tone of the comic has a greater ratio of drama to comedy than most others (Not necessarily a bad thing), and it has cute anime girls! Waiiii!

A great comic that seems intent on riffing every RPG cliche in the book, one by one, and they're doing a damn good job of it, too.
Now updated to their new location!

Player Versus Player
A very well-written and funny webcomic- so much so that it's apparently deemed good enough for publication in PC Gamer and various other print magazines.

8-Bit Theater
What would happen if someone cut-and-pasted the graphics from the first Final Fantasy game, and pumped in lots of flavor? A very funny webcomic, that's what. I like swords!

Kinda' a sloppier, wackier version of 8-Bit theater, with various game characters. Hijinks ensue!

It's about... uhh... a guy that lives in a cardboard box and a talking milk carton and DDR and... You know what? I can't describe it. It's really wacky and that's all I need to say. Enjoy!

Penny Arcade
It's about Gabe and Tycho, who want to kill each other. Oh, and there's this "John Romero" chick, too.

Real Life
An awesome comic made by a guy who probably lives blocks away from my house (I'm serious. We both live in the same part of the same city... I think).

Exploitation Now
Warning: You must be pretty old to enter (Well shucks, Idunno. There's nudity and all that). I have to say, EN is a bit over-reliant on shock value and sex jokes, but it's still a decent comic. And there's the constant fanservice peppered with the occasional nudity, too!

They would have gotten an honorary high spot on my links list because they were kind enough to help me set up Mognet by answering some questions 'n stuff, but they had to go and stop making comics. Oh well, it's still keen.

Misc. Websites
Other really keen websites I suggest you check out. Huzah!

The best gaming news 'site on the 'net, now that IGN sucks. Regardless, it's still damn good.

Used to be the best gaming news 'site on the 'net. Now, it's a mere shadow of it's former self. Still, there's good news to be found here.

Remember the GIA? It's dead and gone. This is it's replacement. Staffed by almost all of the same staff, but now with even less updating! Yaaaaaaaaaay! Err... wait...

Cynicism seems so passe these days, but every now and then, you can still find someone that does it well. Mr. Jeremy Parish, one of the good ol' chaps from the GIA, runs Toastyfrog, one of the more interesting gaming 'sites on the 'net that's not really a gaming 'site. Err... in any case, Parish is in some degree responsible for Mognet's existence (Ask me about it sometime), and I felt the need to have tribute to him in some form or another. Here it is!

A really wierd website that Tim and I somehow got mixed up in. It's all because of Tim's friends. Good job, Tim!

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