Although I doubt I can stop an outpour of "You guys suck!" E-Mails, I've gotta' try. So, I ask you to please follow these guidelines when E-Mailing us. Or... uhh... I'll sic my little sister on you.

1. No spam, please
And just to be clear, we consider spam to be anything that:

A. Tries to sell us something.
B. Is for the sole purpose of telling us about another website.

Now, I'll live with exceptions, like if you want to tell me about your own webcomic (Always looking for potential for crossover comics), but please, few gawd sakes, if you think it might be spam, take a moment and ask yourself, "What would Jake do?" Err... or something.

2. Don't flip if we don't reply
We're busy people, and though we'll try to respond to E-Mails, we might not always be able to. Just be patient, OK?

3. Don't ask us for stuff
Games, ROMs, MP3s, whatever. We're a webcomic, not a... uhh... giver-place thing. We probably don't have the stuff you're looking for, and if you can't go and look for it, why should we?

Alright, now that that's settled, the good folks at Mognet can be reached at Feel free to send us your opinions, praise, and money (Especially your money).

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